Your Beautiful Home October 25, 2023

Your Fall Checklist

Leaves are changing color.  It’s a perfect time to attend to those fall home maintenance tasks.  While I don’t relish the end of summer, I do look forward to the day we do our fall checklist.  It is a lot of physical work and we get a little dirt on our clothes, but we are outside enjoying fall weather. My adult kids come to the house and we go over the checklist:
  1. Clean out gutters
  2. Turn off outdoor faucets
  3. Empty and store hoses
  4. Winterize sprinkler system (this is done by a professional, using pressurized air. We don’t do this one.)
  5. Cover AC units
  6. Check doors and windows for insulation
  7. Check heat, change filters (I also have my HVAC guy handle this)
  8. Clean fireplace and chimney (Also hire a company)
  9. Clean out dryer ducts (twice per year- same HVAC visit)
  10. Make sure to replace all batteries in smoke detectors and CO detectors
  11. Schedule fall pest control (if you aren’t on a regular service plan)
Home maintenance is a crucial part of ownership. The checklist is a way to make sure we completed all of the tasks and looked all around the exterior of the house. (Especially before winter sets in and we aren’t outside on ladders.) Putting your eyes on all the important areas is the way you locate any small issues before they become larger.  It can be rewarding and fun when you have partners in these tasks.  And the best part – after a long day of working outside, we can relax and order dinner!