Your Beautiful Home February 14, 2023

Home is where the Heart is

February is American Heart Month. Get it: February, Valentine’s Day, Hearts. (Subtlety is not my strong suit.) Well, I’m NOT a doctor, so I am not qualified to advise you about heart health. It is said that “Home is where the heart is” and I am qualified to advise what is great for your home and what, in turn, becomes good for both your physical and mental health.
Seven steps to improve Heart and Home:
  1. Eat right. Maybe it is time to clean out the cabinets and pantry and give them a good cleaning.
  2. Exercise. Cleaning and maintaining your home is great exercise. You’ll end up carrying a lot of stuff when you are organizing those closets and the basement. And you will be taking the stairs.
  3. Check on your cholesterol. Yeah, you will have to see a doctor for this one. But the house equivalent is making sure your sink drains are clear and your dryer vent ducts are free of lint.
  4. Check your blood pressure and reduce your stress. It has been proven that a clean, organized home provides a relaxing retreat and a place to recharge your batteries. Having your home be your haven will definitely lower your blood pressure.
  5. Sleep well. Is your bedroom a quiet, softly lit room where you can go to unwind at the end of the day? One of my doctors says don’t skimp on bedding! Make sure that your bedding is comfy and your mattress is less than 10 years old. ( The jury is out on the exact number of years, but this is a end-of-useful-life date. Mattress manufacturers suggest more often than this!)
  6. Quit smoking. Good for your heart and lungs. Getting the smoky smell out of the house can be hard when it is time to sell. Carpets, furniture and even wall absorb the smell and can turn off potential buyers.
  7. Watch your weight. Ok – don’t we all have a few pounds after being at home during Covid. I’ll leave the diet plan to you, but let’s try to lighten up on the clutter. Even if you are planning on staying in your house forever and ever, cleaning out the clutter will be good for all the reasons above. You will love your home even more with less clutter weighing you down.
Let me know if you like the way I’ve weaved this together. The suggestions are all given from a place of love!