Your Beautiful Home November 10, 2022

Sitting on a Cloud and Thanksgiving Menus

Throw-back Thursday!  This is an article I had written last year, but it is always timely as we look forward to Thanksgiving.

My addition for 2022 is the Fall Home Care Checklist:

  1. Clean out gutters
  2. Turn off outdoor faucets
  3. Empty and store hoses
  4. Winterize sprinkler system
  5. Check doors and windows for insulation
  6. Make sure to replace all batteries in smoke detectors and CO detectors

From 2021:
No – I am not sitting on a cloud handing out my life lessons.  If you ask my kids, they’d probably laugh at me handing out advise on organization.  Except that those six kids don’t have any kids yet and they are not a Realtor in NJ. They have no idea that just managing them is like being a dictator in an unruly country where I might be overthrown at any moment.
It’s a daily challenge is figuring out what to serve for dinner.  Years ago, I started planning the weekly menu.  The next logical step was that we began electronically sharing documents with each other that organize our house, food, tasks, and especially the holidays.  There’s a seating chart in the file.  There are pre-printed place cards.  My absolute favorite, though, is our menus.   Now, settle down, I do not have the same meal for every high holiday that rolls around.  But for Thanksgiving, we do make an exception and have mostly the same meal every year.
So we made a menu. And then a lengthy grocery list with every single ingredient on it and then ordered by the appropriate aisle.  It is a beautiful thing.  I actually love shopping this list.  Even more (and unlike the rest of my weeks where I forget an ingredient or I need a fresh item), I love not having to run out on Thursday morning because I forgot butter.
While I was shopping this week I asked the check-out guy what day would be the least crowded and at what time.  Then I told him about our list.  He thought it was a great idea!  That’s why I wanted to share it.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!