Your Beautiful Home October 24, 2022

Going Hard on Fall

Dear Mary-
My DYI decorations look like my 5 year old was in a fever dream while she was  painting. Where can I go for ideas? Help!
My Response-
One of my favorite things about being a New Jersey Real Estate Broker is seeing beautiful homes and well-designed spaces. I am obsessed with everything to do with home – buying and selling, improvement, and decorating.  Usually I am less than psyched about fall.  I like sitting by a pool on a hot day enjoying the sun. But his year- this fall, my husband and I were visiting friends and I was inspired.  In short I have fallen for Fall.
The decorations in their house were nothing less than inspiring.  I’m sharing a few photos to show you how they seamlessly incorporated the decorations for the season into the everyday decor of each room.  It made it somehow more cheerful, more homey, and more celebratory.
Some additional thoughts:
    • Rule #1 – Be Patient and take your time. Your project will be better if you are not rushed.
    • Use decorations you already have to create mini displays on side tables or entry tables
    • Vary the height of the objects
    • Symmetry and balance are always important
    • Use clear glass vases to hold mini pumpkins and pinecones
    • Don’t have the right color vase for the center – paint one of those glass vases from the last time you received flowers. I know you have a few of those tucked away -NOT being used.  The color change will make this something you use.
    • Tons of ideas in Pinterest, Better Homes & Gardens, or other sites to show you how.
Share any photos of your ideas with me!  Maybe you can be my next source of inspiration.