Buying and Selling September 28, 2023

Read This!

Thanks for reading this. The point of this article is to recommend actually reading. I am not talking about reading classic books or that disclaimer that we all blindly sign-  but actually READ  legal documents.  We all need to read and to understand our legal agreements. My father was an attorney, my husband went to law school, and my daughter is soon to be an attorney. They will tell you read before you sign.
When I begin to work with sellers and buyers, we sit together and go over the steps of the process. I present the legal disclosures and documents. We go over them, explaining the purpose and clauses of each. I advise that my clients should read these documents thoroughly and ask me questions.
The contract for sale of property is the vehicle we use to purchase real estate. Because I am not an attorney – I can only use the New Jersey Realtor Association fill-in-the-blank  contract. Then the clients’ attorney reviews the documents to protect the clients’ rights. This does not relieve the client from responsibility. The client must perform in accordance with the contract or be “in breach of contract.”
So read it, ask questions, and understand it – before you sign it.