Buying and Selling June 16, 2023

Practice what you preach…

I moved.  Thank God the move was from one office location to another and just down the street.  I am excited to announce that I moved from my old Coldwell Banker office to our merged Coldwell Banker office location at 209 Central Avenue in Westfield.  This is the #1 office in New Jersey!
It is good to experience a move.  My profession as a real estate broker in the Scotch Plains/Fanwood/Cranford/Westfield areais based on helping clients sell or buy their homes.  (Hence my motto -Make Your Move with Mary!)  I am helping clients make moves and it is good for me to move and be reminded of all that involves.
Here are the top five thoughts on moving:
  1. Clear out frequently.  Packing up all our belongings just stinks. Honestly I grew up in the 80s so I am a material girl. But the sheer amount of stuff we have – it can be overwhelming!  When my kids were going to school, I rapidly realize I would be buried under paper if I kept everything.  We all need to save a few mementos – but just a few.
  2. Being in a new place can be overwhelming at first. The first days in your new home are awkward.  You have to develop new patterns of living – where you park, where you store your things, where you sleep.  Each day after gets easier.
  3. Taking the first step to meet people.  I love people who come over to meet and introduce themselves.  If a person is welcoming, you feel at ease.  My growth goal is to be that welcoming person.
  4. Change can be scary.  But all of life is change.  Usually thinking about moving is the biggest hurdle.  Once you are in your new place, you have a chance to grow and be an improved person.
  5. Redecorating is fun.  This is a chance to explore some fresh ideas.  Maybe you can explore a new side of your creativity or of your personality.
Moving is one of the top stressors in life. Since I was recently reminded of that, I am inspired to work even harder to make moves better for my buyers and sellers.